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Jack's life is just beginning.
He's going to a university that's far enough away from his home town that no one here knows his past, but he's close enough that his parents will still drive up to visit.

Jack came here so he could focus on himself and get a degree, but as the year goes on, he finds his priorities changing.

Friendships are made, some take unexpected turns while others end disastrously. Jack knew this might happen once people found out that he hasn't always been who he is now, but he soon finds out that his friends are also worried about their own possible deal-breakers.


Cover Art By:
Heather Saunders

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Jack has never been in a relationship quite like this before, and it shows. He thought he was doing a good job of balancing his personal life with his school life and his romantic life. But when the lines between the different lives begin to blur, he isn't sure what he can share with his partner and what he should keep to himself.



Year 3 coming soon!

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